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Empowered by our proprietary Weak-Signal Analysis and modern artificial intelligence, Novametrics is able to bring a holistic approach to predictive analytics, allowing you to identify customized solutions for complex challenges.

Leveraging AI/ML and Large Language Models, Novametrics enables you to tap into the vast sea of open-source data and identify new opportunities and innovative strategies.
From data to decision (D2D) Novametrics provides clients with an end-to-end solution, alleviating the burden of intensive data collection and processing to support your decision-making processes

An advanced analytics firm that provides sophisticated data-to-decision services for government agencies, NGOs, foundations, impact investment funds, and aid and development groups.

Our journey began through a series of advanced research seminars taught at Princeton University. Ever-adapting, our holistic approach exploits the vast sea of open-source data with the power of AI and Weak-Signal Analysis to provide the next generation of predictive analytics. Our data-to-decision (D2D) capabilities provide you with the most advanced tools for your decision-making needs.

Mission and Vision
At Novametrics, we are driven by a commitment to revolutionize data analytics, focusing on impactful solutions that foster informed decision-making and sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving world.
We envision a future where analytics is not just about numbers but about understanding the stories behind them. By merging AI's power with human intuition, we aim to redefine the realm of data analytics, ensuring strategies that are not only precise but also resonate with the people they impact.
Values and Integrity

Our commitment extends beyond just data; its about trust, understanding, and collaboration.

This commitment drives us to embrace the subtle complexities and nuances of different environments and challenges, ensuring our analytical services remain precise and actionable.

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