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Central to our approach is the recognition that every population has a complex mosaic of characteristics derived from its  demographics

Navigating Global Challenges with Novametrics

Our previous work has assisted a multitude of sectors including:

  • Security and Peacekeeping
    • Countering violent extremism
    • Conflict mitigation

  • Human Rights and Social Welfare
    • Countering human trafficking
    • Combating child labor

  • Environmental Conservation and Sustainability
    • Preventing illegal fishing
    • Fostering environmentally sustainable emerging markets

  • Infrastructure and Development
    • Optimizing rural road systems
    • Promoting ethical supply chains

  • Public Health and Safety
    • Managing outbreaks of infectious disease
    • Alleviating child malnutrition

  • Economic Empowerment
    • Identifying vulnerabilities to poverty traps
    • Optimizing social impact investment
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Data-To-Decision Architecture

Data Aquistion Layer
Nova Web Crawler
Satellite Imagery
Open-Source Data
Virtualized Data Layer
ETL - Data Processing
Persistent Storage Layer
Persistent Storage
Virtualized Analysis Layer
Data Visualization Dashboards
Weak Signal Analysis (WSA)
Machine Learning Modeling
Client Presentation Layer
Data-Driven Decision Making
Geographically Targeted Interventions

Explore our innovative Data-to-Decision Architecture, where sophisticated analysis and insightful modeling converge to deliver empowering results. With precise synthesis of a problem's components, this methodology drives impactful decision-making.

Weak Signal Analysis

Adapted from advanced methodologies originally developed for detecting foreign submarines and clandestine underground nuclear weapon tests, our proprietary Weak-Signal Analysis is an innovative method that uncovers intricate patterns to deliver predictive insights across vast open-source data.

Vast arrays of data are collected, cleaned, and verified to reveal the intricate interplay of indicators that represent populations, regions, and their environments.

Click through the myriad of indicators that characterize a successful environmentally-sustainable business venture in Liberia

Amplifying Signals Below the Noise

Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms are used to amplify weak signals and separate the most influential factors out from the noise of data, bringing critical insights to the forefront of decision-making.

See here how the Weak-Signals are separated from the noise to identify vulnerable regions to Boko Haram breeding grounds in Nigeria.

Predictive Power for Proactive Strategies

Hindcasting allows us to evaluate the uncertainty associated with our predictive capabilities and provide quantitative assessments of confidence levels.

See here how open-source data on violent extremism in the Philippines is used to validate Novametrics predictive models

President Duterte takes office and begins his "war on drugs"
Battle of Marawi
BARMM is established between the Philippines government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)

Geographically Targeted Interventions

Through analysis that outlines the interconnected factors of a community, Novametrics delivers geographically targeted interventions that inform and shape strategic policy for sustainable impact and development.

Click through an interactive map of Bangladesh to unveil province-specific policy reports, informed by predictive vulnerability insights and historic trafficking routes, for geographically-targeted interventions.

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